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Truestrike MKVII Academy
(no ball trays)
Art. no. Description Quantity Price ex VAT Stock
TS305-MKVII Truestrike MKVII Academy
(no ball trays)
PCS € 899,00
Details This TrueStrike™ is ideal for Simulator applications that require a center hitting position. It is also designed for golf professionals, coaches and driving ranges where an academy application is required. It's the best investment for group coaching and is designed especially with all levels of golfer in mind.
1x Gel Section (Gel Bag, Strike Surface and Strike Surround)
4x Range Mat Section
2x Edge Trim
25x TrueTees Short
25x TrueTee Long
1x Rubber range tee

Weight: 62 kg
Dimensions: 206 x 130 x 6 cm
Truestrike MKVII Academy<br>(no ball trays)